How Do You Choose The Best Toolbox For Your Truck?

Whether you work in construction, you’re a plumber, electrician, or just a tool-loving person, your truck bed needs the right toolbox.

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But with so many options on the market, which one do you pick? Here are the few things that you should look when buying a new toolbox:

First Things First: Consider The Toolboxes Size & Style For Your Work Needs.

Second: Consider how simple the box should be for securing your tools if you’re a roofing contractor and ease of opening. Many quality boxes come with weather protection, making sure the tools are protected from water, dirt & more.

Here Are A few of our favorite toolbox styles that are out in the market for 2019:

Single lid cross boxes:

This box is designed for all commercial trucks. The unique lid cross-box extends the width of the bed truck and is designed to mount with no-drill brackets.

Double lid cross boxes:

This box is similar to the single lid in the design and construction. The double cover allows the separation of tools at the same time still enabling technicians access want they need.

Side boxes: Constructed with a “U” edge, this adds structural strength. Side boxes offer more space than the single lid and the double lid boxes.

Underbody boxes: this type of box is made for trunks that need more space on the back.

All of these boxes are made of stainless steel, making them durable, lasting for years to come.

Choosing A New Toolbox For Your Specific Truck

Have you experienced waking up, running late to work and your truck doesn’t turn on because you left the lights on?

A dead battery can turn your car into something useless. Thankfully, truck battery chargers exist. Having one of these in your truck bed could save you from having to call someone to assist you. With one of these excellent toolboxes, you can store an extra battery, or battery charger without needing another vehicle.

Portable truck chargers. People are looking for charge the charger, then stick it in your trunk. These don’t need to be plugged to another source. The portable chargers also could be used for many other things like a power source for electronic devices or other things. Some of them come with safety features like an air compressor. This could be very handy for long trips. Camping is the perfect example of a portable toolbox. Having this far away from a city could be very useful.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Portable Charger For My Truck?

There are many different kinds of battery chargers out there. Looking for all the available options can be frustrating. Some battery chargers can be useful for one thing, while others are designed mainly for cars. ATV batteries don’t hold as much energy as a car battery. Use a charger intended for a work truck.

Jumpstart Potential

When you don’t have enough power on your battery, that’s when you need a car charger where you can recharge your car battery. Car batteries need enough juice to start the engine. If your battery doesn’t have sufficient power to start the engine. To start a driver, you need high amps or cranking amps.

Living in cold weather sometimes it can be difficult to start the engine, so that’s when you need a charger to give the battery enough power to start up the engine.

Safety Features

Car batteries with extended warranties are less likely to fail. The best car battery chargers come with five years of warranty, while others just come with 90 days warranties. Some chargers come with safety features that let you know if you connected the cable in the wrong side of the car, these chargers make you do by chiming or otherwise signing a problem.

The weight of The Box

Having a bulky battery charger can make the job of recharging the battery in something very frustrating. When buying a portable charger, we have to find one that is light and portable.

One size fits all: This is one of the features that not all the chargers can provide most of the cars out there. Some car chargers are too small for some vehicles. Some chargers are tiny and portable, but they lack some features like an air compressor. When buying these car chargers you should look for what is the most critical element for you.

Spark-resistant clamps: this is a safety feature that buyers should look when buying a car battery charger. This can be dangerous when recharging a battery. Having this type of safety feature can help in not getting

Cable length varies widely: the cables range from 6 inches to 12 inches. We found that most of the customers prefer longer cables because it allows them to have more freedom.

Is The Weatherguard Truck ToolBox Worth It’s Fame?

Empowering your pick-up truck to be always ready to perform your job anywhere required, is what every professional carpenter, plumber, electrician, or general contractors would ever desire for. While every other equipment is essential for the truck, the major part of the profession is tools, and thus a toolbox that would perfectly fit the truck is a must for them all.

Searching the market for the quality toolbox that would help you to keep your tools in an organized way, you will always come across the name Weatherguard truck box. It has many products to offer to the market while it also promises to provide excellent facilities to the truck owners. With its brilliant name in the industry, the company guarantees to serve its customers the best that they can think of for their tools and truck.

The market, the retail stores, and the online stores are full of truck boxes and its several parts that are delivered by Weatherguard. While all this creates a trust over the brand, you would also look forward to the kind of truck box that would live up to your expectations and most importantly is perfect to fit in your truck. Amped Power Box, although comparatively a new name in the market, offers an incredible range of attractive and sturdy truck boxes that come in varied sizes, which gives you a brilliant way to find the tool chest which is apt for your truck size.

There are many primary differentiators amongst toolbox manufacture competitors, and it has several features designed within it that promise to meet the demands of the customers explicitly.

With such top-notch features packed in boxes of varied size, you get the best option to choose the one that fits in your truck, without covering a whole lot of space of your truck bed. Its unique power performance has helped it to carve its reputation in the market against the Weatherguard truck box. Having the Amped Power Box as your companion for any journey, you can experience power in your truck.

Designed elegantly, the style of the box also is its unique USP that makes you proud every time you flaunt it in front of others. Its substantial size and smart trays ensure to deliver excellent storage space to the user, and it also makes it a point to prevent your tools from crashing into the walls of the truck and breaking.

Its unique locking mechanism, which can be accessed only through the particular set of keys provided with each unit, gives a clear idea about the high-class security system that it maintains. Being a fierce competitor for the Weatherguard truck box, the features and characteristics of the Amped Power Box are inevitably going to floor the entire market very soon.

When you want to own a truck box that can be a perfect partner for you in every journey, its size, its power, and its features should be a primary concern for you. You must also check the kind of tray and storage system that it provides to ensure that your tools can also find a brilliant place inside the box.

How Aluminum Tool Boxes Can Help You to Protect Your Pickup Trucks

Sometimes you need to repair something in your pickup truck. You need tools and tool boxes for this. Aluminum tool boxes are resourceful in ensuring the safety of your tools and hence your pickup truck. Tools are not cheap items that one can afford to handle carelessly. Aluminum tool boxes can overshadow your clumsiness with efficiency.


For tools to last, they need to be protected from hail, sunlight, and rain. Aluminum tool boxes offer the maximum functionality of tools. The strength of the toolboxes prevents thieves from accessing your tools. Tools sitting in the aluminum tool boxes are therefore secure.

High-Grade Features of An Aluminum Truck Bed Box

Aluminum tool boxes are sturdy. They resist the torture of weather and corrosive substances. Fitted in your pickup truck, you can be sure to rely on the tools put inside the aluminum storage compartments. Most of the boxes are lockable. Inbuilt lock systems make the aluminum tool boxes impenetrable forts of safety.

You can choose to have crossover boxes fixed onto the back of the truck. If you prefer underneath mounting, you can have the toolbox customized accordingly. The tool boxes come in different sizes and shapes. You can have utility chests, wheel well designs, or gull-winged aluminum boxes.

Efficiency For The Job

Have you been using tool boxes that do not open easily? Have you been forced to seek help in opening the toolbox? Aluminum tool boxes do not have such inconveniences. Unlike iron, aluminum is resistant to rusting. Therefore, the toolbox can open without resistance brought by rust in the joints. It is this efficiency that can make the difference between a poor and a well-maintained truck. When the car gets a problem, you may postpone repairs because the toolbox couldn’t open. The question becomes progressive, and eventually, you will have to incur losses.  

Fitting Design

When you buy a toolbox, are you required to drill into the truck during installation? Aluminum tool boxes are the perfect solution to such damages on your vehicle. All you have to do is mount the box on the truck. No drill brackets are required during installation, a feature that protects the integrity of your pickup truck. This feature also offers convenience in case you need a replacement.

Extras and Accessories

You may not know it, but tool may damage your truck if they are left to slide around. Aluminum tool boxes can be customized to come with extras and accessories. These include tool rolls to keep tools in place. Trays are fitted inside the boxes to make compartments that can store screws and nuts. This offers easy accessibility of tools as well as the protection of your truck’s carriage. Rubber liners fixed at the bottom of the tool boxes are instrumental in keeping tools from motion when you drive.

If you are looking for a toolbox, choose the aluminum type. It will save you much time and cost. The specifications that are made in the toolboxes are meant to protect your pickup truck. You can service your vehicle whenever you get a problem. At the same time, the metallic tools won’t damage the vehicle’s body.

The Do It Yourself Guide: Installing Your New Truck Toolbox

You can’t get started without knowing the proper equipment to get the job done right– the first time!

What You Will Need:

  • Pair of pliers or screwdriver
  • Bolts, screws, and nuts
  • Foam or padding material
  • Measuring tape
  • Protective overalls
  • Working Gloves

Installation Tips:

  1. Decide the perfect position for your toolbox in your truck bed. Wherever you choose, make sure the box is readily available so that the lid can open and close with ease. Toolboxes are usually anchored on a rig’s bed to add secure space for storing equipment.
  1. To protect your truck’s exterior, measure the width of your toolbox and cut rubber padding or foam to place on top of the truck rail to protect it from damaging your exterior and preserve your paint job.

It is essential that the foam or padding sheets are the same dimensions as your toolbox. First, measure the upper side of the new or existing toolbox and then buy foam material with the same measurements. This extra protection will help prevent the wear and tear of your toolbox.

(If your vehicle has a bed liner that covers the bed rails, you can skip this step)

Otherwise, place the rubber padding or foam on the bed rails.

  1. Now, put the rubber j-bolt plugs into the pre-drilled holes. Then, position the box on top of the padding, foam, or bed liner.
  1. Finally, open the top of the CIC Powerbox to reveal the interior. From underneath the body, embed the hook of the j-bolt under the bed rail and poke the threaded piece through the resilient plug.

Next, apply the washer part from hardware kit followed by the nut. Place the boxes nuts in position and use a solid pair of pliers to fix them tightly.

With a ratchet, tighten the extension and socket into a secure location. Do this for all remaining four J-bolts.

Take caution when tightening because you do not want to cause damage to the bed rails.

Truck Toolbox Expert Tips:

  1. Installation does not have to be complicated. Every toolbox should always include all of the clamps and hardware you will need for mounting your new and improved toolbox!
  1. Most toolkits require only necessary handyman tools that you probably already have!
  1. Minor drilling may be necessary depending on the box you purchase, so make sure you do not damage your toolbox by accidentally drilling into it in random places (this could breach your warranty if it came with one).

No Matter where you go, you need the right tools.

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